Monday, September 3, 2012

My Chlid A Hoarder???

The Dreaded Messy Room Battle got me thinking about something.... Hoarding. This is something that has gotten more attention in the public eye than ever before. With reality shows, we get a glimpse of what the life of a hoarder is like. My question is, where does that start?

Earlier today I came across a couple old tooth brushes in The Princess' bathroom. I asked her why she still had them. Her response was that they are part of her "toothbrush collection"
. I told her that we had to throw them away because she used them to clean her mouth and they had germs on them. She got a little hysterical, so I dropped it. Pick your battles, right?

But then, I got thinking... Is this behavior normal?

I think that hoarding kind of runs in my family. Not the kind you see on TV, but a more mild version. A lot of the people in my family just have a hard time giving things up. They think they'll find use for it later, or it's got sentimental value.... I tend to be a compulsive purger because I refuse to hold onto things that clutter my life. I go through things on a regular basis and throw away or donate anything not being used.

I came across an article on Yahoo titled: Signs Your Child Is A Hoarder. The article lists 4 signs.

Sign #1: your child collects lots of stuff.

Refer to above mentioned "tooth brush collection". I can't think of any other odd collections, but the whole toothbrush thing did weird me out a bit.

Sign #2: your child can't throw anything out.

This is a definite biggy for her! About a month ago, she got a yoyo in a goody bag. The yoyo was broken within a day, but she refused to throw it away. I told her we could buy a new yoyo. But she just couldn't part with the yoyo. I told her she'd never use it. To prove me wrong, she asked to take it everywhere for about a week. I did throw that yoyo away once she lost interest and she hasn't seemed to notice. But now that I think about it, this is quite a regular occurrence. She never wants to get rid of anything, including broken toys.

Sign #3: your child has no organizational skills.

 Refer to The Dreaded Messy Room Battle. Absolutely no organizational skills. Probably my fault though? I've maybe helped her to much? But she is only 7. I mean, she's always had to help clean her room, but I've been doing a lot of the work up until about a year ago. Mommy fail?

Sign #4: your child suffers from a mental disorder.

This one does not apply. I have worked with many children with different disorders and I have not witnessed any signs in her.

Read more: Signs Your Child Is A Hoarder
Just to be clear, the author of the article is not an expert in this field.

Do you think her behavior is normal? Do you or have you witnessed this type of behavior with your child?

As a preschool teacher, I have witnessed this type of behavior in a lot of children, so I have always thought it was normal. But then again, she is 7, not 3 or 4. I haven't ever read anything about child hoarding until now. I didn't learn anything about it in the classes I've taken regarding child behaviors.

I tend to over think things. Maybe I am over reacting, but this has gotten me a little worried. I guess I will just have to keep observing her behavior. I suppose as long as I am showing her that it's positive to make keep your life uncluttered she will be fine.

Thank you for reading my nervous rant! Take care and God bless!


  1. *giggle* *giggle* is it because their momma is a hoarder? j/k hun, well i wouldn't worry about it too much, I remember when I was young I just didn't think about throwing it away or I just wanted to hold on to it just in case for my next project. ie. I remember in grade school using the Popsicle sticks to make stuff in class, so I came home and save all of mine just in case I wanted to make stuff at home lol no idea...

    Seriously hun, we don't need anymore wrinkles than we already got so I'm sure your little princess is doin' just fine but keep on ranting I don't mind that's what finding friends are all about, support to care and support yah in whatever you're going through. I'm sure when I have a little one I'll be worrying when she SWEATS! LOL


  2. Hehe! I think I am maybe a hoarder at heart, but I resist it! I do remember being that way as a child, too. Now that I am over the freak out moment, I think she is fine. It is an interesting thought though. I wonder how someone becomes as bad as the hoarders that you see on reality shows...

    Yes, just wait! I am a big time worrier with mine, she's my first and only baby!!

  3. My family has the same tendencies. My mom keeps everything. My husband collects everything. I put a lot of sentimental value on objects. I wouldn't jump to any conclusions regarding your daughter though. We all have tendencies toward many things but a full blown disorder is a completely different beast. She might just be trying to hold onto things because you get rid of a lot of things. Kids like to do the opposite of their parents sometimes. She might be just reacting to you kind of like the way you have reacted to your family!

  4. Good point!! I read that hoarding isn't even considered a disorder. It's more of a branch of OCD. I'm not too worried about it. I just go through worried mommy moments from time to time. ;)