Monday, September 3, 2012

The Dreaded Messy Room Battle and A 6 Step Plan To Avoid It

I am so tired of the messy room battle!! I call it a battle because when it comes time for The Princess to clean her room, it begins to feel a bit like a war zone...

I start out very calm, "Okay honey, It's time to clean your room." The response is usually something like, "I don't want to clean my room. It's too haaaard" in the winiest voice possible. Still trying to be patient
, I will give her one toy category to start with "Okay, this will make it easier. Why don't you start by just picking up all of your barbies" "Okayyyyyy" again with the whiny voice.. This seems like a good idea, right??... 5 minutes later... "I tried to pick up my barbies, but it's too hard". This eventually escalates into an argument that usually ends in me threatening to take toys away.

I like to think that I am a pretty good mom, and that The Princess is well behaved, but this messy room thing has gotten completely out of control. She turns into, well, a brat. And I turn into Momzilla. If you knew me, you'd know that that just isn't me. I've tried rewards, I've tried punishment, Ive even tried bribery!! So today, I decided that something has to be done. What I have been doing isn't working and it's time for something new. I racked my brain. Then, I googled and this is what I came across.

Dr. Mantell's 6 Step Plan

1. Clean your child's room the way you want it cleaned.

2. Snap photos of every area of the room, beds, desk, closets, bookcases, corners, etc.

3. Post the pictures at your child's eye level in his/her room.

4. Tell your child that you will check the room daily at a specific time.

5. Give your child a fair 15 minute warning that you are about to check at that specific time and then do.

6. Anything left out, or unlike the pictures, gets taken away for three days, NO MATTER WHAT IT IS.

This 6 step plan is advice that Psychologist and Life Coach Dr. Michael Mantell has been giving to parents for 30 years. I think this sounds like a brilliant idea. I talked to The Princess about it and she is on board. She says that if she had a picture to remember how it's supposed to look it would be a lot easier. I will be putting this into effect this week and will keep you posted on the progress.

Do you have a messy room battle at your house? How do you handle it? What do you think of Dr. Mantell's 6 step plan? Thank you so much for reading! I would love to hear your input!

Take care and God bless!

Read more about Dr. Mantell's 6 step plan.


  1. I wonder if Dr. Mantell's 6 step plan would work on my husband?! I've thought of taking pictures of the inside of our kitchen cabinets so he will stop putting dishes away in the wrong place!

  2. Haha!! Love it! I stopped letting The Man put dishes away because I could never find them when he does. :)

  3. It does sound like a great idea. Thank you for sharing it. I'm going to tweet this up! Ellen

  4. Hi Ellen! Thanks for reading and for retweeting! :)

  5. Great tips. This is a battle I have with my 7 year old daughter as