Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Are You Dressing Up this Year?

I don't know if you've noticed this, but I love love love Halloween! Decorating, parties, candy, and of course Dressing up is so fun! I almost always dress up, and I doubt that will ever stop because I love it! So, I thought I would share some of our Halloween photos from years past...


For the Princess' first Halloween, she was a Pink Leopard. I picked the most comfortable warm costume I could find. She was so adorable. We didn't trick or treat very long because I was worried about her being too cold, but it was still very fun! I did not dress up in '05. Way too much baby weight was left on this momma!



We were matching witches in '07. I love 2 years old. Everything is new and exciting! It was the first year that she was really into dressing up and trick or treating.  


In '08 we dressed up as fairies. Loved her in this costume!! Those wings were adorable, but made it hard to navigate through the other trick or treaters. 


'09 is the only year that I didn't get to spend Halloween with the Princess. She was with her dad. I was so sad! We did have a Halloween party with her friends, though. She dressed up as Belle. 

It was also the first year that I got invited to an adult Halloween party. Convinced my fiance to be a Pirate with me. 


In 2010 we had two sets of costumes. The one we wore on actual Halloween was Tinkerbell and Minnie Mouse. I honestly don't even want to share the other because mine was so AWFUL. But she was adorable, so here it is....

Pinkalicious and her giant pink cupcake! A friend of mine made this costume for me and it came out really cute, but it wasn't very flattering. The princess was obsessed with Pinkalicious, so this was perfect.


Last year the Princess decided that she wanted to be Rapunzel. We bought this limited edition costume at the Disney store for a pretty penny, but I bought two and sold one for two on eBay. The auction ended at double the price so I don't feel bad because I broke even. My costume is the same princess costume that I had used for her princess birthday party last year. I just added a Blonde wig and called myself Cinderella. 

So far, last years costumes are my favorite. Let's see if we can beat that this year! Do you dress up with your children? What will you be dressing up as this year? I think it's such a fun tradition that she will remember forever!


  1. I dressed up for Halloween last year, but I am still not sure if I will this year. I may just put on one of my masks and wear it. I still have a little time it figure it all out. I love all of your pictures. You have really done a good job with your costumes!

    1. Your masks are so cool! Can't wait to see pics. :)