Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Eight Legged Mommy Fail!

This post is inspired by Life on Peanut Layne, who had the most terrifying experience last night. Click here to read about it. Beware of terrifying images!

All of my life there has been one thing that terrifies me to the point of insanity.


They may be small, but this only means that they could hide and you may never see them coming. They are creepy looking... 8 legs, up to 8 eyes, their covered in fur, sharp fangs and those little things near the fangs to hold their prey while they bite them! Yikes! And they are poisonous. Some enough so to cause serious damage if a human is bitten. Plus, it's just my personal rule to never trust something with 48 knees!

I have experienced many traumatizing spider related incidents throughout my life. I have been known to: Scream, run, cry, begin shaking, hyperventilate, faint, or even have an asthma attack. What I have is not just a typical fear of spiders. It is true arachnophobia. I realize that is may seem completely irrational to you, but I really can't help it.

Mommy Fail! Read all about it!

Recently, The Princess was in the backyard playing with the dog. The sun was shining and it was a beautiful day. I watched them play through the sliding door. Out of no where, the princess begins shaking her body around. Then she starts shaking her hair all over.

What is she doing? Maybe that is the new dance style these days. Crazy kids...

She looks up at me, runs to the sliding door and yanks it open. She runs right up to me and screams,


What happened after that is kind of  a blur. I didn't think. Next thing I know I'm running in the opposite direction.

Wait a second.. stop! what am I doing??? That's my baby!!

I freeze and turn around. She bursts into tears and screams the loudest most shrill scream I've heard come out of her since the days of tantrums.

I tried to calm her down, "Don't cry! I'm sorry! It's okay! I don't see a spider! Hurry, take your clothes off in case there is one in them..."

She quickly throws her clothes off and we throw them outside.

OMG, my child is going to need therapy! What have I done????

Princess: "Mommy, you scared me, I thought you saw a spider on me!"
Me: "No, I just got scared because you screamed spider. I'm so sorry baby. I'll never do that again."
Princess: "It's okay mommy, I know you are just really scared of spiders."

Thankfully she didn't seem too traumitized once I calmed her down. But this was definitely my biggest mommy fail yet. What is your biggest mommy fail? I would love to read about it in a comment!

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  1. HAHAHA! OMG, I LOVE this! I just died laughing and my hubby would've done the same exact thing! You should see when he walks through a web. He looks like he's doing the hokey pokey or something. He totally spazzes out! I'm honored to be mentioned in this post! Oh and i'm totally re-tweeting this now because it's hysterical!

    1. Thanks for the inspiration and for retweeting! I don't blame your hubby! They are scary! LOL! :)

  2. LOL,poor thing. I have an upcoming Halloween spider post, guess October is spider-post Mom. My biggest fail was today. I made a joke out of my son's field trip and posted it. Everyone actually thought my son was in jail, almost making him kill me and ending up...in jail!

    1. Wow, I will have to check out that post! Haha! And it is the month of Halloween, so spiders are appropriate. :)