Thursday, December 13, 2012

Guest Post: Love Art Baby

Today we have a guest post by Hayley from I am addicted to love reading her blog and I am so excited to share her with you today! She writes about her life with her sweet baby boy, her husband, and her passion for art. She is such an inspiration and if you haven't had the pleasure of reading her blog yet you should definitely check her out. You can also follow her on Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook.
Today Hayley wrote a wonderful post, with a sneak peek of her life. Don't miss out on the yummy recipe she included!!

I am honored and thrilled to be writing a guest post for That Suburban Momma. Over the past couple months, we have been following each other's blogs. We have also been keeping in touch through Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. We have had some great conversations. I have loved seeing all of her photos and reading about everything she has been doing. This lady is busy and productive! She is an amazing mom. You can really see the love between her and The Princess.

I thought it might be fun to show you a typical day for me, in photos. I live in Indianapolis with my husband, Sean and 11 month old son, Jehryn. We live in a little apartment and lead a simple life. I love taking walks with my son, cooking (or dancing in the kitchen as Sean calls it) and painting with acrylics. I love planning and dreaming. I make many lists for myself, whether or not they get crossed off. My family melts my heart daily and reminds me what is important. (Because, I definitely have selfish moments when I wish I had a desk to write at and an entire day to myself.) My life is full of love, art, and a baby who is now talking and walking. I have much to be thankful for.

Sean and I work at 6am most days. We eat a decadant 
breakfast every morning. I am the queen of crustless quiche!

 On days Sean doesn't work early, or we are both off, we sleep
in until Jehryn wakes us up.

My kitchen usually greets me this way. And it will need to be 
cleaned at least two more times. I love preparing all of our 
meals from scratch, but there is definitely a lot of work involved.

Coffee makes everything better. I love my mortar and pestle.
We found it at Tuesday Morning for $4 and I use it every day.

We realized a few days ago that Jehryn has his own
mortar and pestle. He grinds paper, toys, and whatever
he can find. It is so hilarious!

He doesn't have much hair but it is enough for bedhead!

At some point in each day, my living room window looks
like this. We use cloth pocket diapers.

The flow of the rest of my day is determined by this guy.
We play and read. And I try to do housework. Kind of.
I Tweet and Instagram a lot. Sometimes I write or paint.

On days that I work, Jehryn and I always have
to catch up on our snuggle time.

Mmm banana!

We bundle up to take walks,
but we don't take them every day in the winter.

I wear him on my back when it is time to make dinner!

Ribolitta, an Italian peasant dish is our favorite soup right now.
We usually puree it for Jehryn. He squeals and grins while he eats it.

All day long, Jehryn asks for Dada.

When Dada returns home, we have a joyous reunion.

Around 7 or 8pm, we give Jehryn a bath and prepare for bedtime or night-night. Jehryn calls it "nuh nuh." Lately, this means both of us staying with him in our shared bed until he falls asleep. Sometimes, we are able to sneak out and enjoy a little time together. Other times, we drift off too.

Crustless Breakfast Quiche
7-10 eggs (I change it up a lot)
1 cup milk or cream (grassfed is best)
1 cup sharp cheddar
1/4 cup bacon or ham or spinach
1/4 cup onion or one shallot, diced
Fresh thyme or other herbs
Salt and pepper to taste
Bake at 400 degrees for 35-40min

We found the recipe for Ribolitta Soup on the PBS show Growing a Greener World (There are many amazing recipes on their site!) It was so sweet of That Suburban Momma to introduce me to you. I hope we can stay in touch through TwitterPinterest, and Facebook


  1. What a happy family! That Quiche recipe is something new to me. Got to try that later. have a great day.


  2. The Quiche recipe sounds good!
    Stopping by from the moms Monday mingle
    Love it if you'd pop over and say hi.


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