Thursday, December 20, 2012

Snowman Luminary Jar Craft (tutorial)

I wish that I could say that this adorable idea was mine, but I got the inspiration from my daughter's teacher. When my daughter brought this adorable snowman luminary home from school, I loved it so much that I had to do it with my preschool kids! It's very easy and the parents LOVED it!

Snowman Luminary Jar Craft Tutorial



1 quart mason jar (can also be done with pint jar)
1 men's sock
1 brown pipe cleaner
1"x 2' strip of  felt
rubber band
pom pom
glue gun
white paint (I used tempura)
black or dark colored puff paint
orange puff paint
flameless tea light

Sponge paint the jar white. The kids had a blast with this step! They were so concentrated on it, it was adorable! Allow  at least a few hours dry time before moving on for best results.

Use puff paint to paint eyes, mouth, buttons, and nose. Allow paint to dry overnight before moving on for best results.

 Cut pipe cleaner in half and then fold each side in half and twist so that the ends are forked at the end and opposite side is folded up. Then use glue gun to glue to each side of the snowman.

To make hat: Cut 9" from the top of the sock, and wrap rubber band an inch or two from the the cut side.

Then turn it inside out and place on snowman as desired. Use hot glue to add pom pom on top.

Use scissors to cut ends of felt to look like fray of scarf. Then tie on Snowman. 

Just pop in a flameless tea light and you have an adorable Snowman Lantern. 

I hope you enjoy making this snowman as much as my preschool kids and I did! Thanks so much for reading! Take care and God bless!!

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  2. I LOVE this! What a great idea to use a little flameless tea candle

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