Sunday, January 20, 2013

Oh no.. already an absent blogger

Wow, did I really let 20 days go by without writing a post?  I have had an awful case of writer's block since the beginning of the year. I knew it would probably happen to me at some point, I just didn't think it would be so soon. 

I finally broke my streak by writer's block streak with a guest post for Love Art Baby about an art project I did with my preschool kids. I would love for you to go check it out.

I have been pretty busy so far this year. I am doing more full time in school right now, but am really enjoying it, except math!! I sometimes think that maybe my brain just doesn't work that way,Haha! 

I am planning on going to France in a couple months (finally will be able to check off something on my 30 before 30 list!), so I am taking a French class, which has also been a challenge, but I'm enjoying it.

The Princess and I both got guitars and are learning to play! Yay, another thing I'll soon be able to check off on the list! She has been begging to learn guitar for a couple years now, but I told her she needed to get better at reading music first. She was so excited when she got her guitar! It has been a blast learning together. 

Between school, learning a new instrument, the preschool, and just being a mom, things have been pretty busy over here, but I love being busy so it's perfect. 

I hope you are all having a wonderful start to your new year. I am glad to finally be past my writer's block.  I'm feeling very motivated and have a bunch of ideas for posts next week.

Do you ever get writer's block? What do you do to get past it? I would love to hear your tips!
Thanks so much for reading! Take care and God bless!

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  1. Yep, I get writer's block too! There are times I feel like I just write jibber jabber. I'm not sure I know of anything that helps me. I think just writing what I'm thinking about helps me at times.

    Ok, laughed out loud at the ecard!!! I can soooo relate. :)

  2. I sometimes go a month or two without blogging, but I have been pretty good the last 2 months. I decided I wanted to grow my blog, so I have been posting pretty close to everyday and linking up almost every day as well. It has been working pretty great so far! Sounds like your life is exciting, I went to France when I was 15, it was way fun!

  3. WooHoo France ... loved it there!
    Glad you are over your writer's block! Thank you for being a part of our Slim By The Summer challenge :)