Sunday, February 17, 2013

Social Sunday: All about Valentine's Day.

Sunday Social

This Week's Questions: All about Valentine's Day!

1. Best Valentine's Day you’ve ever had

I think our first valentine's Day (2009) is definitely the winner. When The Princess and I got to his house he had put hershey kisses all over the floor and had a bunch of goodies and flowers set up on the table for both of us. It was so sweet. Then later that evening he and I had a romantic dinner.

2. Worst Valentine's Day you’ve ever had

2008. It was just a really sad day.

3. What did you do for Valentine's this year?

It was actually a pretty bad one. The whole day just went wrong, but the end of the night really topped it off. I had class until 9pm. When I was leaving, I realized that I needed gas. The tank was below empty, woops... then I realized that I had fogotten my debit card at home, WOOPS. THANK GOODNESS I remembered that one of my friends lived close by and I called her up and borrowed $10 (yes, I totally went to her house begging for money, lol!) I didn't get home till almost 11, then we ate cold Panda Express and watched an episode of the Big Bang Theory. The last part was actually okay, but man... definitely doesn't make the Best Valentine's Day list!

4. Best Valentine's Idea if you’re single

Having a girls night and swapping gifts with your girlfriends! Or maybe even a spa day. :)
5. Favorite Valentine's Candy?

Candy Hearts!

6. Favorite Valentine's Memory from your childhood

Hmm, nothing really sticks out in my mind. I just remember loving handing out Valentine cards and class parties. Oh, and I remember always picking out an extra special one for whoever I had a crush on, haha!

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  1. Hi! It was nice to hear about your Valentine memories! We are your newest follower from the blog hop. Would love a follow in return. Looking forward to connecting with you!

  2. awww looks like you had a great Valentines day! :-)

    Stumbled onto your blog via the blog hop!
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  4. Your favorite one was cute! Stinks you almost ran out of gas this year, but begging a friend for a few bucks is much better than pushing a car :)

  5. Your 2009 Valentine's Day sounds very romantic.. and this year's sounds very memorable. But a good one. It's nice making memories, even if it's kinda inconvenient. ;)

  6. 2010 Valentine’s Day is the best valuations which create the golden memory in my life and it was my first Valentines Day celebration.

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