Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Valentine's Day cards and treats

The Princess had a hard time deciding what to do for her Valentine's Day cards this year. We were going to do a stampin up craft, but just procrastincated a little too long on ordering supplies. After looking online, we finally we decided to do a 3d lollipop card. One of my preschool students did it last year and we thought it was adorable!

They were very easy to make! All we did was take a photo of her with her fist out in front of her. (Tip: it will have to be off to the side a little.) Then, I had them printed at Walgreens as a Valentine greeting card. I used a box knife to cut a line above her and another below her hand. Then I just stuck a lollipop through and voila, Awesome 3d lollipop cards!

The Princess has a very small class, and by small, I mean 8 kids. One of the many nice things about her small class is that it's not a big deal to do a little something extra. So in addition to Valentine's day cards, The Princess put together some treat boxes for the kids in her class. She did it all by herself and loved doing it!

We bought Valentine themed takeout boxes from Michaels and filled them with a bunch of treats. Of course we included some candy hearts and hersheys kisses. We also got some great deals on a few Valentine themed treats like erasers, mini notebooks and stickers at Michaels. I think the kids are going to love them!

What did your child do for Valentine cards this year? I would love to hear about any adorable ideas in the comments. Link me if you have a post about it.

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  1. I love these type of valentines and this is adorable! Happy Valentines Day and thanks for sharing at Monday Funday this week!

    Take care,


  2. These are too cute ~ thankfully I have a couple years before I need to get serious about VDay cards!
    Love the idea!!

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

  3. What a cute card! It caught my eye as we did it last year (not my idea, found it on Pinterest!) The one that I loved from my son's preschool class this year was adorable-- a shape of a fishbowl cut out of blue/water-like paper with the words "I am glad we are in the same school" and a few of those Swedish Fish candy treats. I hope I remember that one for next year.

  4. We did personalized v-day cards this year and my boys loved them!!!