Friday, March 8, 2013

Birthday Fun!

  As you probably already know, yesterday was my birthday. I am not one of those people who hates their birthday. Which is kind of odd, because I have a history of really awful birthdays (we can go into this another time) ... but being the optimist that I am, I always hope for an amazing day. As the day approaches, I become extremely excited. I have never slept more than 3 hours on the night before my birthday. I love birthday parties, birthday cake, and presents.

So naturally, the first thing I did on Birthday Morning after getting ready for my day is put on a birthday tiara. You are probably rolling your eyes right about now, but honestly, it's all in good fun. My preschool kids love it and what other day (okay, I guess there is Halloween) can I get away with wearing a tiara?

The morning was absolutely wonderful, my preschool kids arrived and showered me with gifts, flowers, homemade cards, and sweets. They definitely made me feel very loved!

After school, The Princess and I went to get a mani and pedi because it is tradition. I injured my foot a while back, resulting in a lost toenail, so it was my first pedi in a long time, and it was AMAZING. There is nothing more relaxing than having your feet and legs massaged. 

After that, she and I picked up my favorite, sushi and teriyaki chicken. Sadly, they forgot my teriyaki. I was a little bummed for a minute, but it wasn't big deal because my sushi and a couple bites of hers was plenty. For being the only thing that went wrong all day, I'll take it! D was on a business trip, but got back around 10 (YAY!) and we caught up on Walking Dead.

Overall, it was a fantastic day. I wasn't sick, no one died, and I didn't get kicked out of my house... I told you I have a history of bad birthdays...

Now, it's time for the birthday fun to continue. After all it is "Birthday Month". I have dinners planned all weekend and a Vegas trip at the end of the month! Yay, I can finally check that off my 30 before 30 list! 


  1. Happy Birthday!!! Sounds like you had an awesome time celebrating. Loved your birthday crown.

    Btw thanks for linking up to the Moms Monday Minle. I am co hosting this week and I'm loving all the new blogs I have been introduced to.

  2. I wish all you all the very best and a very happy birthday. I love birthday celebration because it is your unique special day.

  3. Happy belated birthday. Mine is the 8th! I love birthdays too.
    Found you on Monday Mom's Mingle. We're having a party at Tumbleweed Contessa and would love to have you bring this over to What'd You Do This Weekend?

    Have a great week,

  4. What fun! You got a very lovely tiara, Princess.. :) You guys seemed to have fun. Good. Belated Happy Birthday to you!

  5. Happy belated birthday!!