Friday, April 19, 2013

The Gourmet Man- Signature Series Spice Collection Giveaway!

Today, I would like to share my secret weapon in the kitchen (shh!) and I have a special giveaway so that you, my wonderful readers, can try it!

The owners of my favorite restaurant, Topaz Bistro in Hubbard, Oregon, have their own line of Spices and Dips. The company is called The Gourmet Man, which is completely appropriate, because that is exactly what I would call owner Mitch Graf! If you are ever in Northern Oregon, you definitely need to make a stop at the restaurant, and you will see what I mean. It is 45 minutes from me, but so worth the drive because every time I go my taste buds get their minds' blown, haha! But seriously, it's Oregon's best kept secret! 

Okay, I'm making myself hungry now, onto the awesome dips and spices I want to tell you about...

The Dips

I first tried their dips when they launched them a few years ago. They are amazing! I am definitely a dip lover and love to have small parties, so these dips have been the go to for many occasions. They have 6 different flavors: Lobster Lobster, Cantankerous Crab, Cajun Shrimp, Fire-Roasted Garlic Fury, Spunky Spinach, and Holy Jalapeno. I love all of the flavors, but my favorite is definitely the Spunky Spinach, or maybe the Fire-Roasted Garlic? I really am a dip lover, so it's a little hard to choose, haha! The dips are very easy to prepare; Just add one pint of sour cream and allow to sit overnight. They also have extra suggestions on how to give each spice a twist. I highly recommend adding fresh shrimp to the Cajum Shrimp, soo yummy!

The Spices

I absolutely love the dips, but my true addiction is the spices! They are used almost daily at our house! I use them for everything from seasoning my meats and pastas to spicing up salads. They have four different spices:


Herbs With Attitude
G-Gourmet “Herbs With Attitude” Food Enhancer- 4 oz: A gentle blend of 6 spices that goes great in meat, pasta, rice, veggie or even salad dishes. Just the right amount of kick to give any meal a little bit of attitude.


Mediterranean MoJo
G-Gourmet “Mediterranean MoJo” Food Enhancer- 4 oz: A playful blend of 11 spices that goes great in meat, pasta, rice, veggie or even salad dishes. Get the Mediterranean feeling any time of year with this wonderful mix of your favorite.


Kickin” Cajun
G-Gourmet “Kickin” Cajun” Food Enhancer- 4 oz: A tangy blend of 8 spices that goes great in meat, pasta, rice, veggie or even salad dishes. Get ready to take your taste buds to a happy place!

Pasta Picker-Upper
G-Gourmet “Pasta Picker-Upper” Food Enhancer- 4 oz: An intriguing blend of 21 ingredients that goes great in meat, pasta, rice, veggie or even salad dishes. This flavor will allow you to explore an entirely new way of looking at standard dishes like rice, potatoes and pasta!

If you go to their website, there is a list of delicious recipes that feature their spices including BBQ Kickin’ Chicken, Shrimp/Scallop Toasties, Mediterranean Stuffed Pork, & more! I have tried almost all of them and they are always a hit at our house! My daughter's favorite is definitely the BBQ Chicken. You can sign up with their Recipe-Of-The-Month club to receive a monthly email with recipes featuring their G-Gourmet Spice Collection.

The Gourmet Man & Topaz Bistro have not compensated me in any way for writing this post or giveaway. This was written simply to share a product that I LOVE!



 The Gourmet Man G-Gourmet Spice Signature Series Collection- 4 pack (Includes Bonus: Gourmet Recipe Cards)

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  1. I know all of these spices will come in handy with the numerous recipes I like to make for my family :)

  2. I need to spice up my cooking...if I can call it that. :) But these look right up my husband's alley!! :)

  3. I'm thinking of a tenderloin, maybe grilled, but shrimp & scallops sound good too. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I would use them in stew, stir-fry, rice and beans.. etc!
    Ashley Sifers

  5. I'd use them in pasta and chicken dishes.

  6. I'm from Louisiana so . . .the kickin" cajun is right up my all

  7. Had to quit reading. Too hungry.Thanks so much for stopping by the Mom's Monday Mingle Blog Hop! Following you here and everywhere!