Thursday, May 23, 2013

My Tiny Dancer

The Princess has been doing ballet since she was about 2 and a half. She has always had a natural grace about her when she dances. Last year, I enrolled her in a more serious ballet studio because she loves it so much and is so dedicated. The school hosted a Pre-ballet Tea last weekend and it was so fun. They served pink cupcakes and punch and we got to meet some of the older dancers at the school and some of the dancers that are in the company.

The older girls talked about how much they dance. The ones in the company said that they are at the studio for up to 9 hours a day. I couldn't believe it. Next year, The Princess is hoping to be promoted. If she is, she will be doing dance twice a week. The next level has class 3 times a week, and it just goes up from there. I can't imagine her being at the dance studio that often, but I know that I can't hold her back from doing something she loves. The biggest thing that I stress to her is that school comes first. 

They did a raffle at the Tea, and The Princess won not one, but two things. Talk about lucky! She won two new tutus and a dance bag. Of course when we got home, she had to put on one of her new ballet skirts to do a show for us.

I don't know how long The Princess will do ballet. She may do it for another couple years and then grow out of it, or she may continue on to dance for a company. I will support her no matter what she chooses to do and she will always be my tiny dancer.

Sugar Plum Fairy Dance: Age 4

Does your child dance? If so, how old and how long have they been dancing? I'd love to hear about it in a comment.

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