Monday, June 24, 2013

Shop Local Portland: Just Like a Woman

I am so excited, today I am starting a Shop Local Portland series! Through the summer I will be featuring one local business a month that is either in Portland or near by

 Today, I am featuring: Just like a woman, a specialty lingerie shop. It is the only place I will shop for bras!

Just Like a Woman
Specialty Lingerie 

6333 S.W. Macadam Ave. Suite 102 • Portland, OR 97239
 (503) 246-7000 

 Website/ Facebook

Bra shopping can be a nightmare, for years I unknowingly wore bras that didn't fit properly. I used to shop at a very popular lingerie chain at the mall that will remain nameless. When I would go there to shop I always left with a headache. The service was never great, the girls doing the fitting didn't seem to know what they were doing, and I even though I'd buy the size that the fitting suggested the bras I bought never fit well and were so uncomfortable!! Well, my very first time at Just Like a Woman, I found out that I had been wearing bras that were 2 sizes too small. That lingerie chain at the mall doesn't even carry my size! 

 When I go to Just Like a Woman, I am greeted by friendly smiles and a sweet labradoodle named Paz. The girls who do fittings actually know what they are doing and will bring everything you need to you in the dressing room. I know that I will always have a delightful experience and will go home with a good bra that fits correctly and looks and feels great! 

I had the pleasure of speaking with Margy Imlay, President of Just Like a Woman and asked her a few questions. Margy is a health educator with 20 years experience in the field. She is also a BOC certified fitter, and a certified cancer exercise specialist.

When was  the Just Like a Woman established?

What are the hours:
Mon.-Fri. 10:00am-6:00pm, Sat 10:00am-5:00pm
Appointments available!

What is Just Like a Woman is all about?
We believe that from the moment we are born, women are presented with challenges that effect the way we feel about ourselves: puberty, maternity, breast cancer, etc. As a society, we are constantly barraged by what the "perfect" woman looks like. Our mission here is to make every woman feel "Just Like a Woman" which is the most fabulous way to feel!!

Is there anything else you’d like to tell everyone?
Just tell everyone to come on in for the fun!! My staff is great and we try out best to always provide great service and perfect products!!

Maternity: JLAW carries many brands of nursing bras.

Mastectomy: The spirit of survival is strong here. We know just how to help you find the products you need to pull it together with style. In addition, we will handle all of the insurance issues for you. Come in have a cup of tea, sit back and let us take care of you!

Hard-to-Find: We carry fabulous bras for all sizes. Whether you are a 28D, 56K or somewhere in between, let us hook you up! 

I just have to share one more thing with you all. I was browsing their facebook page, and I saw this post from a customer. It just touched my heart! You don't see this kindness like this anymore. Marge is clearly just a wonderful person!
I hope that if you are in Portland you will stop by and check out their wonderful store! If you do, be sure to mention That Suburban Momma for a 10% discount!

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