Friday, August 9, 2013

Paris- The City of Love: Day 2

Yes, I am taking my time on writing this series. But here it is, Day 2! 

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The City of Love

Day 2


Le Cercle

Day 1 felt so busy, and we really wanted to take it easy. So we decided to start our day off with brunch at Le Cercle which is right across from Jardin du Luxembourg.

I did take some French before our trip, but communicating was still a challenge. When we arrived at Le Cercle, the waiter handed us a menu. He spoke some English and was very understanding of our lack of French. He told us about the breakfast special and we decided to go with that.

The food was so delicious and the waiter was a sweet heart. He even gave me a souvenir when we were leaving. If we ever return, I will definitely have to revisit this restaurant.

Jardin Du Luxembourg 


I loved walking around the Jardin des Tuileries, so I was excited to see another garden. This one was just as beautiful and relaxing.

We walked around and admired the flowers, then sat by the fountain fro a while to relax.  I was surprised at how many people were just lounging by the fountain on a Tuesday morning.

There are over a hundred statues, fountains, and monuments throughout the garden. There are twenty statues surrounding the center that are queens and female saints. I thought these were just beautiful.

Luxemboug Palace, originally the home of Marie de Medicis.

Leaving the garden we noticed a fountain. It is called Fontaine Medicis and was built in 1630. It's hard to imagine that it has been around for so long!

Le Pantheon 


The Pantheon is just a short walk from the Luxembourg Gardens. So after a few wrong turns, we eventually ended up there, haha!

 I could not get over how big this door was! I mean, how big were the French in the 1700s?  

Inside was just beautiful. Just the architecture alone is amazingly beautiful. 

After looking around we decided to head down to the crypt to see the vaults of many great French public figures like Voltaire, Jean Monnet, Marie & Pierre Curie.


It was actually kind of creepy down there. I wondered off on my own at one point and got kind of jumpy.  

Wondering the Streets of Paris 


 I was nice to just wonder the streets and people watch. This wasn't a very crowded area, but some places were so crowded that I was walking shoulder to shoulder. 

We sat and watched this band, Hot Sugar Band, play for a while on the street. I loved their sound, you should go check out their FB page.


Notre Dame 


After wondering around for a bit we decided to head over to Notre Dame. Just the outside of this was such a work of art. Just amazing!!

The line to get in looked so long. It went from the front door up and over the bleachers all the way to here. But it actually moved pretty quickly.

I didn't take very many photos inside because I wanted to be respectful, but here is one that show just how amazingly beautiful it is.

We wondered the streets for a bit longer, and then called it a day.

Stay tuned because I will be posting about Day 3 very soon!
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