Monday, August 19, 2013

Paris Day 3- Disneyland!

I am a complete Disney fanatic so of course I had to go to Paris Disneyland! 


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I loved Disneyland Paris because I love anything Disney. It was a lot smaller than I expected. I do prefer Disneyland in Anaheim to it, but I had to go at least once to experience it. 

If you are going to be visiting for the day, bring food. The food here was way overpriced compared to Disneyland in Anaheim (and I've always thought the food here was a bit steep). Expect long lines in the summer of course. And I did notice that there weren't nearly as many characters out and about as I see at the Anaheim Disneyland. Even without many characters, it was a magical day at Disneyland and I had a blast!

Here are my favorite photos of the day!

I was so excited when we got to the park! I absolutely love Disneyland. There is just a magical feeling that fills the air!

We started at the Walt Disney Studios Park

I thought the Disney Studios was a fun, but it was pretty small. There are photo opps and a few thriller rides, but aside from that there wasn't much to do. If you are bringing kids, skip the studio and spend the money on souvenirs at Disneyland instead.

The Hollywood Tower was a fun ride. The whole presentation was very twilight zone, so I loved that. Then the drop is pretty intense for me, but I loved it!

I loved all of the photo opps! And D was such a good sport! He likes Lord of The Rings, so it wasn't hard to get him to pose for this one. 

We stopped in tons of stores. I cracked me up that the kid dresses looked tall enough for me!

Next we headed over to Disneyland!

Yay!!! This is where dreams come true! (Yes, I am a total cheese ball...)

Main Street


We decided to eat at Cafe Hyperion in Discoveryland. The wait was an hour and the food was insanely expensive and not great. My advice is to bring food if you visit!


I loved the Castle!! My favorite part of Disneyland is always Fantasy Land because I am just a total princess at heart. I didn't get to see the awesome dragon in the basement of the castle. If you visit, make sure you don't miss it like I did!

My favorite ride of all time is It's a Small World! Yes, I know the song annoys most people, but I LOVE it! We rode it 3 times. 

I loved the way they represented the USA. Football, Baseball, New York, & Hollywood!

Cinderella Carriage!!!


Pirates of The Caribbean is D's favorite, so he was very excited to ride it. It was a little different, but followed the same theme of course.


I am always creeped out by the Haunted Mansion, but this one was extra creepy. I was even slightly disturbed. If you have small kids, I would suggest skipping this one.
I really wanted to stay for the firework show, but it was a couple hours train ride back to the hotel. There was a shuttle from the airport that would have shortened the time significantly. The cost was 20 euros per person each way, and only ran till 7:30 pm anyway, so we opted to ride the train with our public transport passes.

If you don't have a lot of time in Paris, and you aren't a Disney fanatic, I would maybe skip it. But if you are like me and love everything Disney or have kids on your trip you should add it to your itinerary! It's Disneyland, so no matter what, if you bring the kids they will have a blast!

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