Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Resting Bi*** Face?

I always love heading over to Mel's & Michelle's to join the fun with their Ketchup with Us Prompts!!


Easiest link-up ever. All they want is a picture. Link up your best bi***/a**hole resting face.

Resting bi*** face?? I had no idea what this was till I watched this hilarious video on Mel's blog. 
*WARNING: this video is not kid appropriate.

Apparently it's trending. Shows how in the loop I am.

Anyway, this whole bi*** face thing just does not come naturally to me. I went through my photos and couldn't find one single one that would work. So this took a while. I'm pretty sure Mel & Michelle's bi*** faces could be directed at me for taking so long to link up.

After hundreds of selfies (I'm not exaggerating...) I finally came up with this.

What do you think? Resting Bi*** face?

Until next time...

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