Monday, September 2, 2013

Autism Troubles

Some of you who have been reading a while may remember my post: I love someone with Autism . It is a post about my younger cousin, Moose, who has severe Autism. I am writing this post because he is in need of a GPS tracker. He has been wandering away from home, and it is a huge danger to his safety . The tracker is very expensive and my aunt and uncle are trying to raise funds. 

When my aunt told me about what is going on, I asked if I could write a post. I wanted to reach out to all of my readers.  I have put a donate button at the end of this post. If any of you are able, they would appreciate even the smallest donations. Any donations over the amount needed will be donated to Walk Now for Autism Speaks.

My aunt wrote a little bit about what has been going on:

This is Moose he is 23 Autistic and non-verbal. He requires 24\7 supervision as he is not aware of personal safety. He also requires assistance with all his daily living activities: dressing, eating, showering, toileting. He has had bolting wandering issues in the past but recently has been eloping from home. We are looking into getting a Care Trak Inc Perimeter and Mobile package. The cost is $999. We are trying to raise funds and donations from various organizations♥

Thank you to anyone who is able to donate to this cause! If you are unable to donate at this time, we would certainly appreciate if you would share. 
Thank you and God bless!

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