Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Making the switch to public school...

Yesterday was the Princess' first day of 3rd grade. Back to school is always hard for me, but this year, it was extra hard. This year is her first year at public school. 

The princess started preschool at a private Christian school when she was 3. I had only planned on keeping her there for preschool, but I loved the school and people.  When she was 5 we moved out of that neighborhood. I had convinced my fiance to move to this particular neighborhood because the schools are wonderful, but I decided to keep her in the private school for another year. Year after year, I debated on the switch, but it was just such a tough choice. Her school was great. I loved the people and teachers, but there were a few things we didn't love. It was a bit of a drive, the class sizes were just a bit too small with only 7 kids in her class, and there weren't very many options for sports or arts programs. Another downside is that with no help from her father having to pay tuition was taking a toll on my bank account.

  The schools in my neighborhood are amazing, and all I hear is good things about them so this year we finally made the jump. We decided that she's a smart, sweet, outgoing girl and she's really going to do well no matter what school she is in. The Princess was totally on board and was very excited to go to a big school. She'll miss her friends, but she knows that she'll make new ones and can stay in touch with the others. It all seemed like I made the right decision till we got to the school. I started seriously doubting myself. I dropped her off in her classroom, and I could see the nervousness on her face and it hit me. 
What if no one wants to hang out with her? What if the girls are mean?? Did I make the right choice? 

I spent the day worrying about everything.  

When I picked her up from school, I asked her about her day already knowing from the big smile on her face that I had worried for nothing. She told me that she had already made lots of friends and she loves her teacher. As a special first day of school treat, we went to see the 1 Direction movie. I think she'll have an awesome first day of third grade memory.

I do love the private school she was at, and if I lived in a place where there weren't such great public schools, I would definitely go that route. But I think she is going to do great in the public school. I'm happy with my decision and I know the Princess is too.

Do your kids go to private or public school? Or do you home school? How did you make your decision?

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