Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!! Halloween Party, Spooky Food, & Awesome Costumes!

Yay! Halloween if finally here! It's one of my favorite holidays and we've celebrated it well this year. We hosted parties the last two Saturdays! One for adults and one for kids. There were so many fun food ideas at both parties, so make sure to go through the whole post if you are looking for ideas!

Halloween Spooktacular
aka annual kid party

For the kid party The Princess dressed up as Snow White and D was her prince. I was Tinkerbell.

They were so sweet!

We had about 30 kids and I thought it was going to be insane, but it actually went quite well.

As they arrived they started on their 3D haunted house crafts. I bought them at Oriental Trading and they were so cute. They were a little bit harder for the younger kids, but luckily lots of parents hung out and helped. They all turned out really great!

Every year we do a themed potluck for this party and there were lots of yummy treats! Here are some of my favorites:

Monster Watermelon Fruit Platter

Pumpkin Veggie Platter


Mummy Dogs

Bloody Finger Dogs

Worm Infested Cupcakes

And all I made some blood punch to go with everything.
(one part Hawaiian Punch, one part sprite)

The kids loved all of the yummy snacks!

After we all filled up on spooky snacks it was time for a scary movie. Okay, not too scary! We watched Spooky Buddies. It was an adorable movie and is very family friendly.

The kid party was a blast, but after having 30 kids over I was ready to relax and have some grown up fun.

Halloween Party 

A friend and I decided to co-host and adult Halloween party this year! It was so much fun to relax and have a fun grown up night.

For this party, I decided to go with a creepier costume. I was a broken doll! Here's my makeup. I think it actually turned out to be pretty cool!

Broken Doll Makeup

There were so many awesome costumes! 
Here were my favorites:

Zombie Dr & Zombie Nurse Costume
Also a full view of my Broken Doll Costume

Plug & Outlet Costumes

Courtney Love & Kurt Cobain

Padme Amidala & Han Solo Cotumes

Then of course D who dressed up as Waldo. He photo bombed many of the photos!

Where's Waldo Costume

There were some really fun foods for this party, too!

Mummy Smokies

Cheese Fingers

Skellington & Worm Cupcakes

It was also my friend's birthday, so I made this cake for her to celebrate.

Halloween Birthday Cake

And my favorite food (kind of) of the night:
Eyeball Jell-O shots!
These were so creepy! I got the recipe on My Science Project.

It was such a fun night!!

Both parties were a blast! I am looking forward to my preschool class party this morning and then this afternoon I will be volunteering for The Princess' class party!

The Princess will be trick or treating with her dad this year, so tonight I will be home passing out candy. I just love seeing all the costumes!

Do you have any fun Halloween traditions?

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