Thursday, October 17, 2013

Under the Sea/ Mermaid Birthday Party

We put a lot of thought into The Princess' 8th birthday party. After a lot of back and forth, we finally decided on Under the Sea. Little Mermaid was my absolute favorite when I was a child, so I knew this theme would be a lot of fun for both of us! We don't have a pool, so we rented the pool at a local YMCA after hours. It was the perfect location!

All party photos were taken by Angie Windheim Photography.


 I was so excited to make the invites for this party! What better invite than a message in a bottle for an Under the Sea party? I ordered the Ocean Shores DIY kit from Invitation in a Bottle. I also picked up some turquoise sand and extra seashells from Michaels. I also used a couple paper punches to decorate the outside. I delivered most of them to people by hand, but a couple went in the mail. All I had to do was put stamps on them and they made it through the mail just fine. Everyone LOVED them. Definitely a fun one for the kids!

 The Look

The look was a big deal for this party. With the Little Mermaid being a top favorite for both of us, she really wanted to look the part.
Here are a couple shots from her birthday portrait session with Angie. She is such a ham!
I got the adorable purple ruffle bikini from Prissy in Pink. The absolutely gorgeous tutu skirt is from Atutudes Etsy shop. It is a custom made Little Mermaid tutu and was just perfection for the theme!!
I love the starfish in the hair to complete the look!
This awesome mermaid tail is from Salt Air Textiles' Etsy Shop. It's a swimsuit mermaid tail made of high quality fabric with a monofin in the tail base. This was such a huge hit. All of the kids loved it and she felt like a real mermaid!
At the party, she wore red extensions to really give that Little Mermaid look. Oh, and yes, I of course dressed the part in my Hello Sailor dress from Pinup Girl Clothing!


As my longtime readers already know, the cake is everything when I throw a party. It's really the centerpiece of the party, so I always spend a lot of time planning the design. The Princess wanted a very mermaid inspired cake, but without actual mermaids on it. The main party colors were shades of greens and blues with hints of purple, so I decided to cover the cake in turquoise fondant and used the other colors for the decorations. I was so happy with the way it turned out, especially the starfish!
And of course I colored the cake to match the outside!


I really didn't have to do much for decorations. I threw turquoise tablecloths on all the tables, and the main decor for the party was very simple. Balloons! We used fishing string and strung 4 -5 clear balloons on each string. Then put them all over the place. It gave the effect of bubbles and looked so cool. We also did a few dolphin balloons which really added to the look. 
The perfect final touch for any party is a printable to pull the theme together! I did a lot of searching, and finally found the perfect printable at Enchanting Details Boutique's Etsy shop. The Mermaid Printable Birthday Party Kit included all that I needed and more. I loved the mermaid design and the colors were just perfect!
Instead of doing the typical paper plates, I found these adorable shell plates at Oriental Trading. I'm thinking that I will totally have to reuse them for a summer luau!
We used mason jars for drinks. I found some adorable daisy cut lids and these matching aqua paper straws at Lake Effect Treasury's Etsy shop.


I usually plan a bunch of crafts and games, but this party was a breeze. The only activity we did was swimming! The kids had a blast and it was super easy for me! Here are some awesome shots that Angie Windheim got!

Everyone LOVED that mermaid tail!



I ordered pizza as a the main dinner food. It's always a hit with the kids, and I had so many other things to make that I wanted to keep it simple.
The treat table is where all the goodies were!!
Sea Turtle Cupcakes
I made chocolate cupcakes and used candy to decorate sea turtles. So cute!
Clam Cookies
I used lemon Pepperidge Farm cookies, and colored vanilla frosting pink. Then put a white jelly bean in the middle as the pearl.
Yum, apple sour belts made the perfect seaweed!
Salt Water Taffy


Sea Foam Punch 
I love sherbet punch! It really went perfect with this theme, and it's so easy to make! To make, just pour a bottle of 7-up to a quart of lime sherbet ice cream.
Mermaid Lemonade Punch
Love the color of this punch and it was also very easy to make. To make just add one part lemonade to one part Berry Blue Typhoon Hawaiian Punch.

Party Favors

I found these adorable beach play sets on Oriental Trading and filled them with mini bubbles and salt water taffy. Love the thank you from the mermaid printable set!

This was by far my favorite birthday party so far! Okay I say that every year, but it really was a blast! I hope I gave you some fun ideas to use at your Little Mermaid's birthday party! If you see any ideas you love, make sure you pin it!

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