Thursday, January 16, 2014

Secret to stress free mornings with the kid...

Mornings can be a stressful time in a house with school aged children. The Princess is NOT a morning person. That cat meme... well that was her every morning. I would have to go in her room and repeatedly try to wake her up. When she would finally wake up, she'd be so grouchy that even the slightest thing could cause a full blown meltdown. She'd move unbelievably slow and would run late almost every day.  
It was stressful and so frustrating. 

I tried to think of anything that could help make our morning run more smoothly. With a little research and experience I've found that the following things make a huge difference:

Make sure your child is getting enough sleep! I have always been a stickler about this one. If you aren't sure how much sleep your child needs, you can read about it here. Remember, all children are different. So your child may need more or less than what is suggested.

Extra 15 minutes
This is one that we've added in. Mornings are stressful enough, but add in an unexpected problem and everyone is late. If you have an extra 15 minutes planned into your morning routine you can avoid the stress and tardiness.

Night Before Prep
Have things ready the night before. If your child picks out his/her clothing the night before, and makes sure everything is in place for the next day it can save so much time. 

Have a morning routine. If it helps, make a chart. Teaching your child to have a morning routine will create good habits that will stick with them forever.

While these things have helped a lot, The Princess was still very grouchy and unmotivated... Until I discovered one thing that put us both into a great mood!

The big secret...

One morning instead of telling her it was time to wake up, I said, "come snuggle with me for a while." I went to my room and laid down. Seconds later, there she was. (Oh, so you can hear me the first time...)

We snuggled and talked and giggled. It put us both into a great mood for the rest of the morning. Since then, it's become part of our morning routine. Occasionally she'll still wake up a little cranky, but overall our mornings have gone from stressful battles to fun and very smooth. 
So that's our secret, morning snuggles! I know that snuggling won't work for everyone. I'm sure many of you are reading this thinking, yeah right! So maybe you don't have to snuggle, but if you're looking for a secret to a stress free morning maybe you can try to add something to your morning routine that will cheer everyone up! Check out: 5 Creative & Fun Ways to Get Your Kids Out of Bed Without Complaints. It has some really fun and cute ideas!

What does your morning look like? Do you have any secrets to make your mornings run more smoothly? I'd love to hear about it in a comment!