30 before 30

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1.      Finish my Bachelor’s degree

2.      Run a marathon

3.      Learn to sew and make something for my daughter to wear

4.      Take a photography class

5.      Learn to drive stick shift

6.      Learn to parallel park 7/11/13 read post

7.      Swim with dolphins

8.      Grow my hair out and donate to Locks of Love

9.      Write a book (doesn’t have to get published)

10.   Read the Bible cover to cover

11.   Visit New York

12.   Volunteer at a soup kitchen

13.   Take a road trip

14.   Print my digital photos and put them in albums

15.   Perform in a play

16.   Try snowboarding

17.   Go to Disneyworld

18.   Participate in a Flash Mob

19.   Go to Vegas 3/26/13 read post

20.   Go scuba diving

21.   Host a fancy dinner party and serve at least 5 courses

22.   Go wine tasting

23.   Get to my goal weight

24.   Give my house an organization makeover

25.   Learn to play a song on the guitar 3/13

26.   Grow a small veggie garden in the backyard

27.   Take swing dance lessons

28.   Pay it forward Project

29.   Meet my half siblings

30.   Take an international trip 6/13 read posts

If you want to do a list, it really doesn’t matter how old you are. You can do a 40 before 40 or a 50 before 50. I think it’s a great idea to get some goals in writing and start completing them. If you decide to do a list of your own, post a link in the comments. I’d love to support as you complete your list!

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  1. Like this 30 before 30, how great to have this. YOU GO GIRL!!